Building a Better Way to Work: Collaboration is the Key

Despite the recent commercial real estate down-cycle, and current contemporary upheaval, Overland Solutions (an EXL Company) went against the grain.

Instead of moving their talent offsite and out of mind, Overland Solutions transitioned their workforce to Vibe Cottonwood; one of our Salt Lake City boutique office spaces known for creative, collaborative office space destinations. 

The deeper strategic meaning behind this big move lies in the nature of work, human collaboration, and finding a supportive space to do what you do best.

Keep reading for insights on just how workplace environments impact your employees, and why coming together in custom-tailored spaces may just be the panacea for what ails us. 

A Better Way To Work Comes From Within

Company Cohesion Starts With Employees

As we well know, employees learn, collaborate, and grow in competency in different ways. Your workforce may be set up to run smoothly in a remote system, but other industries that require hands-on meetings with clientele, one-on-one training, and need dedicated office spaces, haven’t benefited from this current shift in workplace climate.

As employees are the backbone of every business, taking into consideration how accessible collaboration is, how endemic to productivity a comfortable (and safe) office space is, and how environment impacts ingenuity, offsite work may not be the answer.

For Overland Solutions, the answer was clear.

Overland Solutions (owned by EXL) is an insurance underwriting consultant company with more than 90 years of experience. Part of their strategic operating agenda, designed to foster long term success, is a focus on employee synergy.

Because financial audits and surveys are performed by highly trained professionals, Overland Solutions vision requires a space that fosters community, creativity, and inspires the best in their workforce.

A collaborative floor plan was a vital step in bringing together their employees, as high-quality training takes place year-long.

Not only that, but Overland Solutions sought a scenic Salt Lake City solution.

One with inspiring views, awesome employee-centric amenities to help their employees do their best work, and an impeccably professionally managed space to call their new home.

Where your workforce is concerned, take into consideration what their “better way to work” may be. Do they need hands-on, consistent, one-on-one training? Is their home-office even set up to accommodate their workflow?

These are questions leadership needs to be asking.

Have onsite clients? Find an Office Space that Wows

Customer-first means more than just service

First impressions matter, and where impressing clientele is concerned, having a space that speaks for itself can make or break a deal.

Even though the current global climate leans on the digitization of B2B and B2C interactions, onsite meetings are still the bread and butter of many industries.

The way to best tackle this problem may not be to completely shy away from office spaces altogether. What may be the answer is professionally managed, safe, well-maintained, beautiful, scenic, inspiring spaces that imbue confidence in all clients who walk their floors.

Finding an office space that would allow Overland Solutions to “wow” their clients on-site was a major strategic factor in their move to Vibe Cottonwood.

Not all buildings have the benefit of a picturesque mountain scape such as the mountain range of Wasatch.

CC BY-SA 3.0

However, it's worth the search to find space with exterior views that stimulate creativity and encourage tranquility. 

As evidenced by Overland Solutions parent company’s recent accolades. EXL was recently recognized as one of “America’s Best Management Consulting Firms” in Insurance by Forbes as well as the 2020 Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Data and Analytics Service Providers by Gartner.

In this case the ends justified the means.

Building a Better Way to Work:

See the Big Picture

Consider your public-facing, in-person interactions as touchstones to joint customer and company goals. Invest in employees by providing them with the tools necessary to do their best work.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are the spaces you use inspiring, and do they speak to your company culture?

Does your brand breathe through your physical locations, does it inspire, does it help make that sale, and does it inspire customer confidence?

It’s important to consider, now more than ever before, what message your physical location sends your future clientele.

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